The “Strengthen and networking of migrant organizations” conference successfully kicked off the “Social Cooperation” project in Stuttgart last 23rd of November

The last 23th of November 2019, over 400 people attended the federal symposium in Stuttgart , as the first out of several local events within the municipalities within this important project.
Manne Lucha, Secretary for Social Affairs and Integration, stressed the relevance of the “Strengthen and networking of migrant organizations” conference due to its “important impact on empowering migrant organizations to push networking activities among the associations within such a diverse society“.
The conference is part of the federal government‘s pioneer project “Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt“ (Social Cooperation). In numbers, more than half of the participants were members of associations which resulted in approximately 120 organizations attending the networking event.
Lucha underlined the impressive diversity among associations and organizations attending the symposium, and their important role in our societies due to their various and relevant commitment. Bearing this in mind, he encouraged everyone in empowering these associations in order to develop their full potential. The conference has been in fact conceived as a key first step in improving networking activities among the migrant associations themselves as well as in keeping each other updated and in gaining new contacts to any other kind of clubs and associations, local, municipal and political players. Sami Aras, chairman of Forum der Kulturen, strongly supported Lucha’s statement: “Participating in this symposium was a clear evidence proving that migrant organizations are approving the internal communication and believe in the importancy of networking among each other.“
Topics such as migrant organizations‘ engagement in political and social affairs were brought up by Professor El-Mafaalani and Secretary Lucha debating in a panel and also in workshops during the day. The organizations had the opportunity express their needs and expectations towards political and social actors and discovered new options to cooperate with local communities.
“Today’s conference is just the first one out of numerous federal symposiums to push migrant organizations“, said Lucha. “Our plan for the next two years is to actively support migrant associations in becoming part of social and political discussions and happenings, relying on our peoneer project ‘Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt‘.“ Sami Aras agreed with Lucha in one more thing: “Today’s symposium and the following federal program is a great attempt to move closer together in our beloved state Baden-Württemberg“.
In cooperation with Forum der Kulturen, the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration is planning approximately 20 events in local municipalities in Baden-Württemberg. By this, the spirit and results of the very first conference are aimed to be spread.