Forum der Kulturen – Stuttgart

Forum der Kulturen is an umbrella organization of migrant associations in Germany and was founded in 1998 on the inition of the associations themselves.

The main objective of the Forum der Kulturen is to support cultural activities of migrants’ associations and to make them being more present and visible in the public life and among all kind of audience, showing their potentials and cultural needs. With other words, the intention is to get them accepted as equal partners in the local cultural and social life.

Activities performed and services provided:

Consulting and qualifying migrants associations
Media Coverage
Publishing the monthly magazine “Begegnung der Kulturen – Interkultur in Stuttgart”
Organization of events, especially Festivals and Cultural Exchange Conferences

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Target Groups

Key Features

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Target Groups

Rather than individuals, FdKS’ target groups are organizations composed of migrants and/or people with migrant background aiming at participating directly in the social, cultural, economical and political life of the community where they live.

Key Features

Structure and Financing
Forum der Kulturen has nowdays about 130 members (migrants associations), 9 members of the board (representatives of migrants associations).
The main office has about 20 full time employees and several changing employees who work on different projects, and than we have a lot of people who work honorary.
About 20% of our budget has been financed by the city of Stuttgart and the rest is from different sponsorships.

Reccomendations for usage

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