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Underrepresentation of refugees and migrants in the media leads to underrepresention in the political agenda, and the consequence is proposing and promoting a distorted image oft he group, facilitating hate and xenophobic speech.
Founded in 2011, OurVoice is a German Radio based in Freiburg that offers weekly Radioshows in 6 languages , plus Workshops and events to promote migrant and refugee empowerment: communication is made BY migrants and not ABOUT them. In fact, the 2 coordinators are refugees.

Broadcast: Every 1, 2. and 4. Wednesday in the month at 4 pm @

OurVoice Radio belongs to the Colorfulvoice Network,, gathering media reporting from perspectives that are rarely shown in the mainstream: the perspectives of refugees.
In Colorful Voice words: “Colourful Voices” is for everyone! For people who are new in Germany, we offer a rich variety of information in their first language. German listeners will learn from our background information, perspectives and content all too rarely addressed by German media. We want to be a part of the political and social discourse – and give some colour to German media!

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Key Features

Key Features

Our Voice is the voice of refugees in Freiburg and its surroundings on Radio Dreyeckland, aiming at showing that refugees are more than "just" refugees. Stories of those people who had to flee and now live in Germany are told to the audience, together with their problems and successes. Current socio-political developments about flight, asylum, migration in Freiburg and in the region are also addressed.
The editorial office is open for further refugees even without journalistic previous knowledge – “so that the invisible become audible”!