Evaluation Framework for Successful Initiatives

In order to evaluate if an action or intervention or project has the potential to be successful, a SWOT-Analysis based Framework has been provided by Interkulturelles Forum Fulda e.V.
The Framework is very easy to use, since it is made by a SWOT matrix filled in with key indicators, to be intended as examples of concrete conditions and aspects.

The Framework therefore is useful to get a first judgement about a practice of project, and decide if it could be interesting or not depending on the specific goals to achieve.

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Target Groups

Key Features

Target Groups

Project manager, operators, project designers and other professionals involved in decision making processes about promoting migrant inclusion.

Key features

Free and easy-to-use tool, flexible to be adapted to each situation.

Target groups

Migrants and refugees living in Germany; native German people and whomever could be interested.
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